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May 27th - Memorial Day

June 19th - Juneteenth

July 4th - Independance Day

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with a reliable service that they can count on to help keep their business and personal information safe from harm and misuse.



Paper Chase Shredding & Recycling was created with values that have been put to the test over time. For 37 years we have practiced uncompromising principles that have resulted in a proven track record of exceptional safeguarding of our clients documents and excellent delivery of customer service which have been the cornerstone of our company.

-Results oriented

-Accountable for our actions

-Communicate openly and honestly

-Protect our environment

-Support our clients



Our company achievements are numerous and we cannot list them all. The following are some of the highlights that will give you an idea of what our company has accomplished and continues to work on as we set higher goals year after year.

-Sustained business growth over 37 years.

-Achieved 94% customer satisfaction as administered by Dunn & Bradstreet's

Open Ratings, Inc.

-Received the MBOC Service Contractor of the year award for 2007.

-Recipient of the Pacific NW Region Minority Contractor of the year 1995.

-Two featured profiles on television broadcasts.

-Featured in newspaper articles for spearheading and advocating going green.

-Counseled the U.S. White House, Washington DC. on confidential shredding assessment and management.

Our Business Services And Offerings

Paper Chase Recycling Services has evolved into a multi-faceted company offering diversified business services designed to control customer information from its data entry point to its ultimate document shredding or electronic destruction. Paper Chase's strategy is to partner with its customers to create an information "life cycle" process with the ultimate goal of protecting confidential information within a customer's normal operating environment.Paper Chase creates a protected environment that puts controls on the handling of data so that information is safeguarded against inadvertent or clandestine releases into the public domain or into the wrong hands.

Paper Chase has three primary business and service offerings:

Information Technology

Consulting Services

Shredding and Recycling

Are You Ready To Shred Safely?